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Taking a different approach to the artificial intelligence typecast. Instead of being a destructive force like 'Skynet' or 'Hal 3000', Spike Jonze has put this AI as the sole focus of a romance story.

Written by Elliot Lines

Taking this concept is one thing, but making it work certainly is something else. The majority of the screen time is spent with Theodore (Joaquin Pheonix), a lonely writer in the near future. However the film doesn't suffer from lack of characters, instead it uses the AI voice of Samantha (Scarlett Johansson) to make the screen whole.

Even though this relationship is between human and AI, it almost feels real. The connection that is seen on screen feels like a true love story, which certainly shows how well this was written given the circumstances. It's a unique way to tell a love story, that pays off with big rewards.

The story is well paced, and easy to follow, making this all the more believable. Going through each different emotion with Theodore and Sam is endearing, this is a beautifully told story but with a sad delivery.

Strangely, this future is almost within touching distance for us. As weird as it is, this could easily happen in our world today. Imagine having that perfect affectionate person in your life, no matter what you say, people will go for it, making this all the more believable.

Reading the iMDb synopsis it does not do this film justice. This is not just another artificial intelligence story, there is more to this one, look deep below the surface and you'll see this for the beautiful love story it is.


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