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No doubt that Pixar produces the best when it comes to animation. The array of different films they have under their belt is not only varied but always top quality, Coco is no different.

Written by Elliot Lines

Pixar is at its most powerful when they manage to find a way to include both adult and children themes into their films. The deep story-line is more than enough for an adult to enjoy while the stunning visuals keep the kids entertained throughout, a perfect balance across the duration of the film.

Beautiful to watch, this film provides such a large colour palette in every single scene. For a film that is mainly based in the land of the dead, somewhere which you'd expect to be glum, but of course being a kids film this would never be the case. Also introducing you to a large collection of different interesting characters, each having their roles to the story to enhance it further.

Not only excelling in the visual side, the story wasn't half bad either. Adding real emotional depth meant that you could resonate with these characters, feeling what they're feeling, understanding the decisions they make across this journey of discovery.

Coco manages to get the representation of Mexico spot on, with a fine mixture of colour and music. The balance of adult themes and kids visuals is perfect in another success for the animation powerhouse that is Pixar.

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