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Courtroom drama's aren't always the most enjoyable films, slow and predictable, but A Few Good Men is definitely an exception to this.

Written by Elliot Lines

Building up to the court case is a big part of this film, it feels like you are digging up the facts with these characters, even though you get an idea of what has gone on from the start. This brings an interesting balance to this film, its almost like you're trying to push these lawyers on the right path yourself.

These characters entice you in, this is clearly due to the quality of the acting throughout this film. Tom Cruise steals the screen, during the court room scenes he delivers a surprisingly engaging back and forth case. Then there is the rest of this cast which has recognisable faces at every turn. One problem was the acting of the character Dawson, he never felt like he matched the role he was meant to be playing, struggling in every scene he was in.

Talking about being engaging, the dialogue throughout this film is phenomenal. Clear and concise, it means that the story flows perfectly, making this easy to follow, there is never a moment where you feel lost or confused by the events that are unfolding.

Never having a dull moment, this was a combination of fantastic acting with a director that clearly knew the material he was working with, creating this engaging exciting courtroom drama.

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