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A Star is Born, Bradley Coopers directorial debut and the forth remake of the original 1937 film, after the 1954 musical, the 1976 musical, and the 2013 Bollywood film, Aashiqui 2. Main parts for Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga, both of which co-wrote and produced the films soundtrack, this film attracted a lot of attention from both film fans and Gaga fans alike.

Written by Elliot Lines

The beginning of this film is a damn right joy to watch, it is packed with great moments, all of which provide us with a great foundation on which the two main characters can build further on. From the start of the film we get a great idea of the kind of person Jackson Maine (Cooper) has become, due to his fame and fortune, all of which has lead him to developing a alcohol problem, ironically this problem leads him to come across an aspiring but struggling music star, Ally (Lady Gaga), who is singing at a bar Jack asks to stop at to get his fix. They meet, have a drink and from this moment on the exceptional dialog and scenes really depict the love story that is going to develop in front of our eyes. 

Unfortunately, the movie fell apart slightly in the middle, there was just something missing from the story line. A slight mood change from the start of the film, and the characters starting to drift, may of been the cause of this but it doesn't take too much away from the film itself, with the performances from Cooper and Gaga still so consistently brilliant, in fact its a great stepping stone to what is to come.

As for the back end of this film, fantastic. Full of so many different emotions, it takes you through humiliation, self-love, tragedy, heartbreak. For what is a real world problem, this ending was handled with great care, the acting performances we witness in all these final moments really emphasise the emotions that we are meant to feel.

As for the soundtrack, phenomenal is one word for it. Co-written and produced by Cooper and Gaga themselves, this was a massive highlight of the movie. The songs that are written have so much relevance to the story-line which adds so much to this film. The songs give us so many memorable moments, one in particular that stands out is the first time you hear Ally sing "Shallow", now a hit song in its own right.

With so many stand out moments, the directorial debut from Cooper was such an emotional piece of film making, that will be enjoyed by many for years to come.


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