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Not what you’d expect Robert Rodriquez name to be attached to, but here we have an adaption of Yukito Kishiro’s manga Gunnm, a coming of age story about Alita, a cyborg with the face of an angel but a body designed for battle.

Written by Elliot Lines

This is a film that is filled with stunning visuals. Set in the Iron City, situated under the sky city of Zalem, this set had a similar setting to the city we see in “Ready Player One” just on a larger and more technologically advanced scale, we don’t actually get to see anything of Zalem but what we do see is this realisation of the different class of people who live on this sky city towering over the Iron City. The Action scenes throughout this movie are full of well-choreographed and entertaining shots, really immersing the watcher into these moments. Alita, the main character is a CGI generated cyborg, the way this was created added so much depth to this character, it was realistic and so expressive in its exectution.

There was so much to this story line that let the movie down, if the action scenes which were entertaining, thrilling and so brutal at times, were poorly done this film would’ve been a totally different movie. We get a love story created throughout this that you don’t care for, this is partly due to the poor character building within the story line, and ultimately an addition to the movie that was always going to be there but was poorly executed. Expect to see more from this franchise as the ending to this is clearly setting itself up for a sequel, be sure to watch the last scenes intently and look out for a surprising cameo.

Alita, played by Rosa Salazar, as a character was well done although this character is formed with CG animation, the character is well built, voiced well and full of expressive moments which means you can connect to the character. Safe to say the rest of the cast do not bring these same feelings, you don’t feeling any care towards any of the other characters. Christopher Waltz felt underused, an actor that has so much talent, clearly seen in “Inglorious Bastards”, someone that uses quirks and expressions to make his performances outstanding, this talent just felt wasted.

How many times during a film can you “roll your eyes” to the dialogue that is placed in front pf you, this film is full of those moments. Filled with cliché lines, that retract the interest of the watcher, creating boring scenes that have not depth whatsoever, a real let down knowing James Cameron worked on this screenplay.

“Alita: Battle Angel”, full of stunning visuals that entice the watcher into the film. A poorly written script that adds nothing to this film, only to be sucked back in by wicked action scenes that are a joy to watch, with the added brutal game of ‘Rollerball’, these scenes save this movie from completely collapsing.


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