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Many people that have watched this have labelled Arrival as a boring movie, look deeper and this far from that. We have come accustomed to the standard Hollywood alien invasion movie involving fighting scenes with over used CGI, this film is unique and original, a thought provoking intelligent piece of cinema.

Written by Elliot Lines

A complex but clever story line that at times you have to be patient with, but this was never a dull watch. Throughout the entire film you are following the main plot but there is a sub plot, this is brilliantly put together and the sub-plot doesn’t show its significance until the last act. A clever piece of directing and brilliantly portrayed by the actors involved.

Arrival depicts the importance of language in any shape or form, and how the smallest misinterpretation could lead to a totally different outcome. Something in which most people would’ve experienced, making this somewhat relatable.

Arrival could be seen as a risky piece of film making, and it is easy to see why this wouldn’t be for everyone. But when you look deeper into this you can really see what a great film this is. The acting, directing and cinematography was meticulously assembled, this in turn bought a fairly complex, emotional and beautiful film to our screens.


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