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Van Gogh, a visionary of his time, not celebrated for his talents till after his death, and now probably the best known artist on the planet. This film depicts the time he spent living in the French towns of Arles and Auvers-sur-Oise, creating his masterpieces and struggling with all other aspects of his life.

Written by Elliot Lines

This is a well-known story across the world, true stories always require a degree of elegance to portray the story in the correct manner. Concentrating more on the development of the artist he is now known for, this is a brilliant view into the life of a genius. Not drawing too much attention to the fact he cut off his own ear was very clever, this made it more geared towards the art rather than concentrate on Van Gogh’s clearly unstable mental state.

The fact that he was not quite stable is addressed well, we get some terrific camera work, a shaky blurred image on screen which gives you the understanding of the hardship that Van Gogh is going through. This is also expertly portrayed by Willem Dafoe, who is well deserving of his Oscar nomination. He uses the script he has been given and really brings this to life with a mixture of expressive body language and facial cues, showing in clear sight the loner Van Gogh was and his slow decent into madness.

Throughout the movie we get wide shots of exceptional visuals with little or no dialogue, this shows us the inspiration that inspired by some of Van Gogh’s most famous works that are celebrated today. These inspirational shots are accompanied by a score that is a good accompaniment to these scenes and to the rest of the movie, although at times it could be overpowering for some viewers.

A true insight into the latter part of a legend within the art world, although in parts the shaky camera work and overpowering score wouldn’t be for everyone and at times was difficult to view, this was a great illustration of the troubles of life Van Gogh went through while creating his masterpieces.


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