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Birds of Prey directly of the back of the disaster that is Suicide Squad, is a story told from inside Harley Quinn's mind, through her eyes, the weird muddled unique look into her life after her split from Mr J aka the Joker.

Written by Elliot Lines

DC over the past few years has provided us with a mixed array of quality, and once again this was no different. Not all of it was bad, throughout this film there are plenty of entertaining fight scenes, ones that are well choreographed to create some really memorable moments. Also there are a few nods to the DC universe, a personal favourite, Bruce the Hyena named after "that hunky Wayne guy".

Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie), was easily the best part of Suicide Squad and it is no surprise that a spin of came of that. Once again Robbie knocks this performance out the park, adding more depth to this unique character. The same couldn't be said to the other characters within this film. In hindsight, not enough time is spent with them to really care, but they just felt flat.

Structurally this really did struggle, it was as muddled as Harley's mind and never really gets going. In a way this may have been done on purpose, but it is something that didn't work with the story it was telling, at times making it difficult to follow, jumping from scene to scene with no real sense of purpose.

Not saying "bring back Jared Leto" but the absence of the joker really does hang over this film. Although filled with entertaining action shots, Birds of Prey really struggles to get off the ground, ultimately a chaotic but entertaining addition to the mixed bag of DC films.


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