No Way Home swings to the top; Top Gun: Maverick flies by $700 million domestically.
Written by Andrew Korpan / September 5, 2022

The Spider-Man: No Way Home re-release, The More Fun Stuff Version, topped a soft Labor Day weekend despite National Cinema Day on September 3 which saw most US movie theaters offer $3 movie tickets. The More Fun Stuff version included 11 more minutes of footage including a brand new post-credits scene. Still, it only drew in an estimated $6 million during the typical three-day weekend and $7.6 million when taking the four-day weekend into account across 3,395 theaters nationwide. The $6 million three-day gross is a little bit under last week’s top-earner, The Invitation ($6,805,468). The No Way Home re-release grossed an estimated $2.6 overseas, so you can add another $10.2 million to the total gross of No Way Home.

At this point, it should come as a surprise to no one that the summer’s box office hero, Top Gun: Maverick, grossed another $5.5 million (+16.5%) in its 15th weekend ($7,010,000 over the four-day weekend). The film has passed the $700 million mark with the four-day weekend and also became the 10th highest-grossing IMAX film of all time with its haul this weekend.

Spider-Man wasn’t the only one swinging back into theaters this weekend. Steven Spielberg’s revolutionary horror film, Jaws, was re-issued by Universal in special 3D showings in 1,246 theaters nationwide. This specific re-release grossed $2.3 million.

While National Cinema Day may not have put quite as many butts in seats as hoped, DC League of Super-Pets surely benefitted from the holiday weekend where families were presumably off and taking their young children to this family-friendly fare. The film grossed $5,450,000 (+31.7%) — $6,970,000 over four days — despite being pulled from 169 theaters since last week.

Perhaps not faring quite as well as Super-Pets is George Miller’s new film, Three Thousand Years of Longing. The film had an estimated budget of $60 million (sans marketing) and dropped six spots to the 13th spot at the box office this weekend. The new fantasy film starring Idris Elba and Tilda Swinton grossed just $1,545,000 (-47.1%) in its second weekend ($1,882,168 with the extra day). Unfortunately for United Artists Releasing, it’s going to be a steep uphill battle, perhaps as big as Elba’s djinn when you first meet him in the film, to just break even on the film; let alone make a profit. You never like to see this with any film, especially one from the mind of Miller.

Last week’s top-grosser, Sony’s The Invitation, took in another $4.7 million over the standard weekend and $5,750,037 over the four-day holiday weekend. Honestly, this isn’t the worst possible outcome for a film that grossed just $6,805,468 in its opening weekend.

This week’s original new releases include Honk for Jesus. Save Your Soul, a satire about the pastor and “first lady” of a Southern Baptist church as they attempt to rebuild their public image, and Gigi & Nate. Honk for Jesus had a simultaneous release on Peacock and grossed just $1,440,000 over the three-day weekend and $1,750,000 over the four-day weekend in 1,880 theaters. Gigi & Nate didn’t fare much better, grossing just $1,063,030 in 1,184 theaters during the three-day weekend. The full holiday weekend gross is yet to be shared by Roadside Attractions. Suffice to say, it’s unlikely that it made enough with the extra day to make a significant jump on the box office leaderboard this weekend.

Next weekend brings a few new wide releases including a new horror film starring Bill Skarsgård from 20th Century Studios/Disney, Barbarian, a historical medieval epic (conveniently titled) Medieval and Brahmastra Part One: Shiva..