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Based on a true story that it pretty hard to believe, between the ages of 15 and 21, Frank Abignale Jr conned the system as a airline pilot, doctor, lawyer and many more. This is an intriguing story in itself, and brought the the screen by none other than Steven Spielberg.

Written by Elliot Lines

A real cat and mouse type film that doesn't stop entertaining throughout, something we should expect from a Spielberg film. This film flows throughout, following this crazy story in which this young kid played a game so well to get away with ridiculous crimes. This could've been a messy interpretation of this story but this was far from that. The one criticism is that this film does go on a little too long, and at times feels like it is drawn out excessively for no reason, but that takes nothing away from the overall outcome.

Perfectly cast, Leonardo Dicaprio, he's a charmer, smooth throughout the whole film, making this character to be totally believable in all the ridiculous scam Frank Abignale Jr got away with. The presence of Tom Hanks just adds that little more intrigue to this film, a big star will always add that extra interest. Also supported by Christopher Walken who gives a superb performance in this supporting role which adds that little bit of emotion to this film.

A Spielberg film that largely goes under the radar within his fine selection of films, 'Catch me if you can' is a fun film that almost everyone can enjoy. Perfectly cast with the charming DiCaprio and the added presence of Tom hanks. Don't like it at the first watch, watch it a second time and you'll realise Spielberg doesn't always have to go big to have success.


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