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There is an air of uncertainty at this current moment in society, Covid-19 is the hot subject and it's no surprise that films like Contagion are getting a resurgence in viewings. With so many similarities to our current situation this film portrays the effect a pandemic can have and the rate it can grow, making this relatable on so many levels.

Written by Elliot Lines

The story moves quickly, just like the virus, you've got to keep up with the pace and the affect it has on this world. Early on you get a glimpse of just how brutal this new virus is, with some harrowing and disturbing scenes which linger in the mind. The structure helps along the way, showing each step of the ongoing change in society. This clear set pacing really emphasises the changes these characters are having to make to their daily lives.

With a hatful of recognisable stars you would've thought the performances would've been a little better. Average across the board, with no stand out performer. Maybe you could say Jude Law was the most interesting character, having the most depth, but across the board there were a host of poor accents which put a dampener on this film.

Throughout you get this almost knocking score, it's off-putting and doesn't add to the overall atmosphere this film is trying to portray, which throughout is a dark scared world. Which lead onto the end, for something that is made to seem so damning, it ends very abruptly, hopefully something we can hope for with what we are going through.

Contagion isn't afraid to kill off big stars, showing the effects an event like this could have on anyone. Diving right into the subject of pandemics, this is a chilling representation of what mother nature can do.


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