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1h 38min | Thriller | 26 October 2020 (UK)

Every Time I Die wants you to pay attention throughout, and you certainly need to.

Main antagonist Sam is murdered while in a remote place for choices in his past, but his consciousness starts to travel through his friends, where he must attempt to convince and prevent them suffering the same fate at the hands of someone close to them all. On this journey, Sam also discovers himself, the true identity of who he is.

Every Time I Die wants you to pay attention throughout, and you certainly need to. The enjoyment mostly comes in the back half of the film, with the start focusing on the character of Sam. Starting off a little slow in the first half hour, you are definitely rewarded by sitting through the slow burn with an impactful last hour.

This ensemble of actors is nothing outstanding but each and every one of them plays their roles with a certain amount of realism, taking full advantage of this well written script. The characters react to these events in the way you expect them too, no matter how strange they may be.

Putting this in the sci-fi thriller genre is definitely the place it belongs. Many films within this genre can be overcomplicated but this makes sure you're constantly engaged without there being too much confusion. A clever choice made by the film-makers that elevate this films story and characters, adding to the thrilling experience it takes you through.

Every Time I Die makes sure it has enough substance to keep the viewer engaged. Each character has their specific role to play in this smart story, all the while keeping it realistic (In a way). With the only issues being the slow start, this is a fantastic way for director Robi Michael to show what he is capable of.

By Elliot Lines - Lead Editor


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