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When Army Of The Dead was released on Netflix, Zack Snyder going back to his zombie roots seemed like an interesting idea. But who knew said film would spawn a sequel, or prequel if you will, that focus' on one of the films less interesting characters. That is exactly what we have got with Army Of Thieves.

Written by Elliot Lines

These days it seems as though every single property has to spawn a franchise of some kind. Even though there is almost no interest, and absolutely no need to explore these characters further, Netflix still went ahead and greenlit this. Its obvious to see that there will be more from this franchise, but why not stick to the zombie apocalypse world, rather than gives us a back story on characters that, SPOILER ALERT, die.

Army Of Thieves is another of your run of the mill heist film that ultimately adds nothing new the genre. Filled with cliches found in almost every other film of its kind, explosions, deception and complete overview of the plan before they've even carried it out, but they still manage to find a way to make the outcome lacklustre.

There is questions to be asked as to why they decided to create a sequel based on Ludwig Dieter (Matthias Schweighöfer), apart from being likeable in Army Of The Dead, there wasn't a massive call out to know more. Schweighöfers performance wasn't a bad one, and alongside the likes of Nathalie Emmanuel (Fast & Furious franchise) as well as a couple of other "interesting" characters, they did what they could with the source material, unfortunately there was quick lack of interest and plenty of eye rolling. Heist films aren't going to disappear, but it'll really take someone special to compete with the likes of Oceans 11 or The Town. Unfortunately, Army Of Thieves falls into the Netflix pit and will be forgotten in matter of weeks. An unwanted prequel about a character that I don't believe that many people care about, lets get back to the zombie apocalypse.


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