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Throughout this series of films there has been one large problem that the franchise can't seem to get away from, its human characters. This is still a problem in Godzilla Vs Kong but it more than makes up for it with some of the most epic titan battles scenes on screen to date.

Written by Elliot Lines

Trying the get access to "Hollow Earth" to find a energy source for their latest project home, our team of scientists use Kong as a way in, to show them the way. Godzilla on the other hand is attacking humans, and no one can understand why. But these two have a bitter rivalry and it isn't long until we get these two titans thrown together.

The magnitude of these scenes is insane, these are not just 2 minute fights that have no consequences, these two are out to get each other, no punches held back. Incredibly choreographed, the blows are felt to full force, a fight that is a tug of war for power creating this tense and unnerving atmosphere. Forget about the human characters, this is exactly what we want to see, and even more so when the tow come up against another enemy, which may just be their biggest test yet.

The different setting for these fights make for a vibrant viewing experience, one that certainly was meant for the big screen. Firstly we have a fight on water, using the boats as a stepping stone, with one having the clear advantage here. Then after discovering home, we get back to the neon lit, Hong Kong, a more level playing field, Kong has an aid, but its the colour choices that make this scene so interesting. Then comes the end battle scene, now that is one you will have to discover for yourself because the twist is awesome.

There has been enough said about the characters in these movies, and Godzilla Vs Kong has no difference on that front. They're simply uninteresting, and the story-lines are bland but we can't just have 2 hours of monster fighting. This was not the fault of any of the actors on show here, and out of all of them there isn't a bad performance. One character of interest though was Jia (Kaylee Hottle), an adopted girl that has learned to communicate with Kong, which made for quite an interesting connection between titan and human.

By far the best instalment of the franchise. These more than epic fight scenes between two of the most recognisable monsters in film are mindblowingly entertaining, but the film couldn't get away from the problems of the rest of the franchise.


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