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The Blazing World is an attempt at a dark psychedelic horror, which pulls in all sorts of directions. Both crazy and chaotic, it may fly through its runtime, but it sure won't stick in the memory.

Written by Elliot Lines

You could split The Blazing World into two halves. The first is spent dealing with Margeret's (Carlson Young) grief of loosing her sister and having to deal with an abusive parent but the second half is where it starts to fall apart. Spent in another dimension, she is forced to tackle her grief head on in the hope to find her sister. Bending in a psychedelic fashion it becomes chaotic, seemingly trying to force this to become something it's not, taking away from the tackling of grief.

However, due to the chaotic nature of the film it absolutely flew through the runtime, so in the moment felt more enjoyable than it actually was on second thought. You have no time to digest what's actually going on, when you're thrown into this crazy universe.

Certainly a thought provoker, but The Blazing World is ultimately unforgettable even though you may actually have an interesting time watching it. The chaos that ensues leads this to be over in a flash, taking away any re-watchable value it may actually have.


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