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With the premise being guys telling stories in a bar, something that could be quite a bore, The Oak Room takes the narrative story approach in which finally entwines it into a suspenseful and engaging story, although dragging it's heels to get to the interesting parts.

Written by Elliot Lines

Being extremely script heavy you're expecting to witness something that will keep you glued to the screen throughout, unfortunately for the most part this is a failure in that department. The on the nose way in which the characters interact doesn't work, and there is so much anger but only explosive anger, with the occasional blow out of emotions. If you can stick through the slow paced first hour, the end is where this really gets going.

The narrative way in which this was told ramps up the suspense in the latter part of the film, bringing to light what really has been going on this whole evening. There's no getting away from the horrific crimes that have taken place, and it seems as though something more may be at play here.

The Oak Room leaves you wanting to know more, completely rescued by a suspenseful last half hour, luckily leaving you with that part in the mind whereas the rest of the film is almost forgettable.


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