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Video game adaptations have a varying degree of success, up to this point no one has particularly got it right. But what Josh Ruben has created with this lesser known property Werewolves Within show that the these adaptations can be successful.

Written by Elliot Lines

The concept of Werewolves Within is a simple one, a group of people get stuck together only to find a werewolf is among them, and they must work out who it could be.

There are a variety of characters on show here, all of which create an interesting atmosphere throughout the film. From a business man to a widowed hotel owner, each of these characters have their moments to give us fun comedic scenes, while creating mystery surrounding what is actually happening here. The cast becomes a little bogged down when they're on top of each other, feeling at times like they're fighting for screen time. But once they divert into their smaller groups each and every one of them has a part to play in this, building on the story.

Werewolves Within shrouds itself in mystery, putting you right in the mix, attempting to work out who's to blame here. Some may find it predictable, but the film does a good job at pinning the blame on multiple characters, keeping that little bit of mystery right until the big reveal. The best parts of the film is where Finn (Sam Richardson) finds himself caught up in the middle of this towns problems, and every character seems to have something to say. These scenes bring a vast amount of comedy to the fold and by the end he is right in the middle of everything, where everyone starts to blame each other, bringing some great bloody entertainment to the screen.

Using a very little known property, to great affect. Josh Ruben has brought Werewolves Within to life with an entertaining comedy horror adaptation. Never stopping with the jokes throughout, the film still doesn't sway from the horror side, with tense scares and an impressive finale.


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