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Written by Elliot Lines

Finding Steve McQueen is the story of a group of men seeking to perform a heist on a bank to steal $30 million in the form of illegal contributions and blackmail money from President Nixon's secret fund.

Told from the perspective of Harry Barber, a man that is still on the run from the law, he's settled into a life under a new alias, this is his moment to come clean to his partner that he has been lying to this whole time. The story is shown in a series of flashbacks, moving from each event smoothly, making this structurally solid throughout, making this story easy to follow.

Marking events that happen in the 70's, this managed to capture the feel of that era perfectly. From the costumes to the settings, the overall portrait takes you back to this time right into the thick of it.

Unfortunately, this felt lacking in making this an interesting watch. You can get the structure and the image right, but if you don't have the substance it will always struggle. There doesn't seem to be any connection built to these characters, you almost go through immediately expecting to have an understanding of who they are.

Capturing the 70's in a perfect fashion, Finding Steve McQueen had it's entertaining scenes, and some fun moments, but was missing a spark that heist films require to stand out.


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