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R | 1h 30min | Comedy, Fantasy, Mystery | 10 July 2020 (USA)

A concoction of comedy, romance and science fiction that everyone needs this summer. Taking the "Groundhog Day" premise and feeding in these other powerful genres, the balance between them is key, not to overpower one with the other.

Going in blind elevates the beginning to this movie. You're instantly hit with crazy moments which are unexpected and confusing. It's a way to build this story to ease the viewer into the sci-fi element, all the while giving you chaotic comedic moments creating these laugh out loud scenes. Later on in the movie it becomes that little more serious but never losing its overall tone, although it does turn a little predictable as most rom-coms are.

Nyles played by Andy Sandberg is the main focus but you can't help but think, 'Jake Paralta in a time loop', Sandbergs character from "Brooklyn 99". There certainly is a resemblance, but why break that mould if it works. The connection between Nyles and Sarah, played by Cristin Milioti, is evident from the start and the on screen relationship flows effortlessly throughout.

These characters go on a journey, taking you along with them. This does well to get you invested in those characters providing enough emotion to allow you to connect. This makes the ending all the more powerful, you want to know how they continue, what their lives become.

"Palm Springs" knows the tone it's aiming for, not taking itself too seriously. The comedic moments are the highlight but the romance and the sci-fi is weaved in meticulously, creating and entertaining and enjoyable journey.

By Elliot Lines - Lead Editor


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