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Setting the tone throughout is a key part to a good crime mystery story, with Seven David Fincher manages to provide us with this gothic psychological thriller. Throughout you only see dark depressing situations, even in the daytime moments it manages to turn the screw, putting this bleak cloud over the scene.

Written by Elliot Lines

This is a real cat and mouse type mystery, constantly chasing this murderer down who uses the 7 deadly sins as his motive. The murders are shocking and disturbing but create this puzzle that these two detectives have to work out. Morgan Freeman and Brad Pitt give some very realistic performances, reacting in the only way you'd expect them to these heinous crimes, while keeping up the persona of the detectives following this case.

At times the story does drag a little, but the stylistic vision for this film makes up for these moments, you are glued to your seat throughout, hooked on the outcome of this tale. Surprisingly it comes earlier than expected, really taking a different approach to ending this genre of film, this gives you time to see further on, a refreshing direction to head down.

Not only was this disturbing and shocking, it is visually great to watch. Fincher wants this depressing tone, that is clear throughout, but this decision elevates this viewing experience to give maximum emphasis on this story.


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