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15 | 23 min | Animation, Comedy, Sci-Fi | TV Series (2020– )

Straight from the minds of Mike McMahan and Justin Roiland, "Solar Opposites" gives fans of "Rick and Morty" more of this animation to sink their teeth into. Playing almost as what seems like an inter-dimensional cable story, this could easily be set within the same world as R&M.

With a chaotic style and quick whited punch lines, this series takes on many of the best parts of what makes R&M great. It certainly doesn't quite meet the high standards set, but this has its moments of hilarity.

Following a group of aliens from the planet Shlorp, who have crash landed on the planet but settled in to the American way of life. It's world already feels whole, even after a short span. With an interesting set of characters going about their lives unrestrained within this community.

One particular interesting story-line is the mini world. This is an ingenious creation where the aliens shrink humans down and place them in a ant farm like construction within their home. This became an interesting section, almost a second story-line within itself, more of this world would be great to see.

Where it doesn't meet the standards of "Rick & Morty", this new series rolls with the style and provides something that may even cross over into the much beloved world. This certainly has space to build, potentially even into something great.

By Elliot Lines - Lead Editor


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