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For those of you who thought 'not another Spider-man, think again. A stunning new edition to a well loved franchise, Into the Spider-verse is a total breath of fresh air to the superhero genre.

Written by Elliot Lines

Following the story-line of Miles Morales, the new Spider-man, a change in his life causes him to encounter problems no normal teenager would experience, becoming Spider-man was never going to be easy!! The writing for the film is very clever in the sense that it doesn't drift from the story and stays on a straight path, meaning no confusion if felt even with the multiverse being a main plot point. So how do you involve not just one but seven different versions of the same character in one film. The clever writing took on this challenge and succeeded. Most of the screen time went to Miles, Peter and Gwen which was a perfect balance of comedic moments and awesome action. The other three (Spider-ham/Peni Parker/Spider-man Noir) were very much just supporting throughout, a wise decision as the characters themselves weren't amazing. Added to the mix was the edition of a few well known marvel villains too, plenty of characters to get your teeth into.

In the style of a comic book, the animation to create this movie was spectacular. Imagine being a part of those classic superhero comics, this does just that, it manages to find a way to bring them to life right before your eyes and engulf you into the page. However, due to this animation style, in some moments there was a lot going on in one frame, which caused you to jump your attention around the screen not knowing where to look.

Astonishing fight scenes, entertaining characters, a sublime soundtrack and a style of animation that made not only unique but great fun, this is an edition to the franchise that everyone can enjoy.


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