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18 | 1h | Action, Comedy, Crime | TV Series (2019– )

Gruesome, grotesque, glorious. The Boys may just be one of the most entertaining series on television. But it's not for the faint hearted.

Following on from events from Season 1, we are back with our team of vigilantes and their fight against the supes and Vought. Wanted and in hiding The Boys are set to face new challenges to clear their names and reveal Vought for what they really are. With even more powerful heroes (or are they villains), super-terrorists, family and love problems to contend with, the series takes you to the unexpected and downright weird directions.

One element that stands out with this show is the array of characters. From the unstable and over-powered Homelander to the reserved and scared Huwie, the range is evident to see. But this show is not afraid to expand this world, adding all sorts of personalities.

Some of these even challenge the power of the other superheroes. Stormfront is a main focus throughout, and being as tough and powerful as Homelander, she really does stand out. Her arc throughout is not only brutal but has the element of villainy involved.

Throughout, the show is constantly attempting to throw you off the scent. What is really happening is clearly an ulterior motive from an unknown enemy, but it all becomes clear in the end and with an incredible payoff. There is a scene where heads are blown in a courtroom, this showed effectively everything this show is made of. The unknown, shock factor and sheer gruesome nature of these killings are what makes this so entertaining.

Although it has a focus on the grotesque nature, there are rarely any big action scenes. It doesn't have time for it, or in need of it. We cut straight to the end of the action scene, rather than go through the dribble of "How is this guy competing with someone with super powers". They use their powers and kill, no holding back, no remorse.

With a constant flowing story line, The Boys Season 2 went a long way into stepping into this world further. The way in which these so called superheroes are showed in a real life corporate way is a totally different insight, and it works, potentially creating the ability to expand this world even further.

By Elliot Lines - Lead Critic


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