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The Hunt may be seen as a controversial film by many, but this is nothing new and original. The basic premise of hunting humans for sport has been around for years, a premise which is usually used to show one side or the other, this was sort of somewhere in the middle.

Written by Elliot Lines

No one within this film is a decent human being, although you have the people being hunted by rich liberals, even these victims all have their history of being the total opposite to those doing the hunting.

Enough about the politics, lets get into the film. Serving us with a minimal plot, The Hunt relies on the action killing sequences that are more than frequent throughout the film, some of which are quite comical. Due to most of the characters being disposable these moments are much easier to watch rather than if you had a connection to any of them.

From the start, you didn't really know who the story would follow, jumping from victim to victim within the first 20 minutes of this film. Eventually you pick up some kind of story with Crystal (Betty Gilpin), who was this kick ass character doing all she could to get out of this nightmare situation.

With similar tropes to Ready or Not, it wasn't quite on the same level, it was more of a mixture of that and The Purge. However, this provided an entertaining viewing with plenty of action that didn't need substance to make it enjoyable.


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