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Weirdly this movie could be seen as almost relatable in the situation we're currently in. Not quite to the same extent I'd hope but this is the tale of these two men driven to insanity by each other and the place they cannot get away from.

Written by Elliot Lines

This build up of madness is evident throughout. You get the sense that these two really don't get along, everything each one of them does grinds the others gear, but when the only other living thing is a seagull, you've got to put up with it, or do you. This decent into madness is shown by Pattinsons character having these visions, or at least you think they're visions, that's what this does well, it gets your mind moving throughout.

Pattinson and Dafoe deliver superb performances as these two men driven mad by each other. They manage to sell the roles and seemed to connect with each other on screen.

Evident throughout is the use of sound to emphasise the madness. One that stands out is the omnipresent horn sounding throughout the film, this seemed to have the intention of driving the viewer mad as well as the character. Using the sounds of the elements also emphasised how alone these men were on this small island.

With not much of a story, which kind of hurts the film, but the meaning of the film is more to show and demonstrate the characters in the film rather than focusing on the direction it is heading, ultimately not needing much of an ending.

Outstanding performances within this beautifully shot landscape. The decent into madness is the focal point, making this film not only interesting but thought provoking too.


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