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Surely after making over $600 billion in the Chinese box office, you would've thought this would get more notice. Maybe this was due to this being a foreign film, but a big sci-fi making that sort of money only had one option to see light in the west, Netflix.

Written by Elliot Lines

Now this truly was stunning to watch, you can really see the big budget used to make this, visually beautiful. It manages to emphasise the size of the journey these characters are about to take to save the planet, creating a wandering earth. Taking a premise as ridiculous as this is not new to the genre, but this was a different level of nonsensical sci-fi, but who cares.

Unfortunately the substance wasn't enough to save this film, each character you're introduced to has little or no depth to them. They seem to spend more time focusing on the things that aren't important, considering this is the end of the world, you would've thought there is something more important on their mind but no. The brother spends most his time boasting, sister spends most her time crying and every other just has no substantial part.

Foreign films need to be able to transpose over to the western cinema, something this didn't quite achieve. The film moves quickly as do the subtitles, it felt like you were constantly trying to catch up on what's being said but the dubbing doesn't quite work, an no win situation.

You can see why this made the money it did, the visuals are spectacular, something that easily gets people into the cinema seats. Sadly with characters like they've created, this film was definitely going for style over substance.

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