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Is there a more famous cat and mouse duo out there. These two characters have been on our screens for decades, instantly recognisable to the masses. But the venture into the real world may have been a step too far for Tom & Jerry.

Written by Elliot Lines

Causing havoc and creating a mess, is exactly what you'd expect and exactly what you get. The original feel of the cartoon is felt throughout, with so many nostalgic references to the cartoons we know and love. All of the tropes that you expect come along, from foiled plans to Spikes head bump, they're all implemented and the pay off is great.

Unfortunately the transition into this world doesn't feel quite right, there is something not quite connected between the two worlds, which has a huge effect on the outcome of the film. It works best when Tom and Jerry are together, chasing each other like the old days, as soon as humans get involved the film falls flat.

So much of this may be because of the lacklustre story line, there is no real care for any of these characters, something goes wrong, who cares. Then attempting to include these two famous faces in with the story line just foils it further.

For the nostalgic value, give us this cat and mouse fighting all day long, but when they're thrown into the real world there needs to be a little more for the film to work as a whole.


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