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Leaving us on a cliffhanger, this is the episode where we get more of an insight of what "the variant" can do, or what they plan on doing.

Written by Elliot Lines

The episode begins with "the variant" attacking a group of minute men, taking one hostage. From her on out Loki and Mobius must work together to find out exactly what kind of Loki variant this attacker is.

We manage to get a glimpse of exactly how these two characters are going to work together, using both their minds to scan across time for this attacker. There is definately a connection between these tow that works well on screen, there is a small amount of comedy involved, and Mobius seems to trust him...for some unknown reason as Loki is constantly testing to see what he can get away with.

After a botched mission, Loki has to start proving himself, which is where this episode ramps up. Later in this episode Loki discovers "the variant" is hiding amongst Nexus events (world ending), they test his theory and he is right, but which is he hiding in.

Once they work this out we finally get a glimpse of the variant, who turns out to be a woman Loki. The action in these scenes are entertaining and the plan she has is extensive, sending time reset charges across the timeline creating a whole load of branches to screw up the TVA.

Expanding on Episode 1, this episode takes the series into new avenues, exploring character relationships and bring us some superb action scenes, all while keeping itself secretive about what is to come.


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