Loki and Mobius have been pruned, but as the after credit scene showed, Loki is still alive confronted by what seems like a group of Loki's.

Written by Elliot Lines

One way to describe this episode, mental. From start to finish it's all go, non stop, and absolutely bonkers. There are more Loki's than you can count, and some seriously impressive scenes.

They're in a place called the void, a place at the end of time where everything that is pruned gets dumped. A group of Loki's reside here, quite happy, but when attacked by another group things ramp up. This whole world is guarded by Alioth, swallowing all matter in sight, but seemingly protecting what lays beyond the timeline.

Loki and Sylvie must Band together to find what's beyond Alioth, and with the help Classic Loki a mysterious castle appears, who could reside in there. There are plenty of theories, the set up of the future MCU is nearly upon us.