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Star Wars: The Clone Wars spear headed by Dave Filoni is probably one of the most overlooked piece of content to come out of this franchise. That said the fan base is still huge and the fans of that show will love the fact we get to see a sequel spin off in the form of The Bad Batch.

Written by Elliot Lines

Leading on from the end of The Clone Wars, where Darth Sidious made the order to execute order 66, The Bad Batch follows Clone Force 99, a group of elite clonetroopers who start to question why their counterparts are turning against the Jedi, who they've followed for so many years.

From an animation point of view, this leads on from the exact aesthetic of The Clone Wars, so if you're a fan of that then this will be right up your street. There is something about this animation style that makes this world pop. Each movement, each character, every ship has its own characteristics that jump from the screen.

This spin off needed to introduce these characters with a bang, and by providing us wit a 71 minute special we certainly get that. They first come to screen with a kick-ass scene were they take on a whole troop of droids, slicing through them with ease. But this longer run-time gives us a deeper look into who these characters are, ready to go into that week by week mission format already setting up who these troops are.

The world foundations are already built, this really didn't need to do much to impress but provide a group of interesting characters to add to the depth of the Star Wars universe. Doing exactly that, this is almost an extension to a show many love, and at first glance it seems as though it will be of the same quality.


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