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Not only does Netflix provide us with plenty of film and television content, but it is also becoming the go to for documentaries. This Is A Robbery tells the story of one of the biggest art robberies to date, with millions of pounds worth of art being stolen.

Written by Elliot Lines

Any crime like this is always interesting, there is a sense to try and work out how and why these people did what they did. You strive to want to know every single detail, some documentaries don't always give you want you want but this certainly feels whole.

At times it may feel like it drags, and this certainly could have been shorter, but with those extra details you get to learn more about this crime and the potential reasons behind why this happened.

As it was millions of dollars worth of art, there is more intrigue, how can someone get away with this. What this documentary does well is it allows you to speculate, jumping from subject to subject causing you to believe more and more people were involved than you think.

This Is A Robbery does well to tell this true crime story, giving you all the facts, allowing you to speculate throughout. But there is a feeling that this could've been cut down into a smaller special rather than the 4 episode format.


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