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Episode 2 takes on a much different story from the first, a harder swing in the way of an overall outcome. With some interesting ideas here, T'Challa becoming Star-Lord certainly made some big changes to the universe, which made for some great character interactions.

Written by Elliot Lines

Doing much the same from the first episode in regards to the look and feel, episode 2 took us out into the universe. The action scenes are once again great to see in this animation style, leaving little to the imagination.

This What...If? idea made plenty of interesting character changes here. We see the likes of Thanos on this team, who has been talked out of his genocidal plan, but he still has those thoughts, which make for some comedic moments. The Collector is now the one who has taken on the mad titans role and seized upon an opportunity, a character that has always been of interest that you get to explore more here.

There is still a problem with this show that stops it from being outstanding. The voice work. It feels lazy, clunky and at times just doesn't seem to fit the show. Even with these new characters coming in, the voice acting just isn't defined, at times taking you away from the MCU characters.

T'Challa became Star-Lord made for an interesting story, which had caused plenty of changes for some of the biggest characters. The animation style clearly is going to be superb throughout this series, but the voice work still needs some altering. But after all that, it was a fitting tribute to Chadwick Boseman and his character.


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