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When Tony Stark was captured in Iron Man (2008) it set of a chain of events that made him Iron Man who we have gone through this 12 year journey with, but if he was never captured what would've happened. What...If? Killmonger Rescued Tony Stark shows us this exact story, but where it falls apart is in the "realism" of the direction certain characters would take in this situation.

Written by Elliot Lines

This series was a chance to give characters that haven't had much of the limelight in the MCU, a chance to shine and alter the overall outcome of their character arcs. But the show continues to give these characters the same outcome.

Erik Killmonger is one of these character that has only been used in one film, Black Panther, a film in which he looked to take over as king of Wakanda from T'Challa. In this episode, he does exactly the same, just in a different way, by rescuing and befriending Tony Stark. Okay, so this causes Iron Man to never be man, but really what difference is there to this story-line.

One main issue here was the character of Tony Stark. Although there is a big difference from the MCU version, the character didn't seem to fit to the one we know, would there have been this much of a change? I'm not so sure.

You can't deny the look of this series so far, but there is starting to get a lacklustre feel to some of the storylines. With some episodes being memorable and some completely forgettable, this latest episode is certainly the latter.


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