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Thought provoking films are to a particular taste, people like to be told whats going on, rather than have to try to understand themselves. "Under the Skin" does exactly that, makes you think, and quite deep in fact.

Written by Elliot Lines

With very little dialog this does not give you much idea of what is actually happening, but instead relies on the viewer to try understand and follow this strange story. Rather than use the dialog to tell the story, it uses the visual aspect to maximum affect, making this mesmerising to watch.

If you cannot get along with slow paced films, this isn't one for you. It gives you time to asses, to try and work out what the hell is going on, but overall the biggest effect the slow pace has on the film is the addition to the atmosphere. Adding to this was the emotionless main character, no back story, no idea who or what she is, but there's an eerie air surrounding her throughout.

As expected this thinker was always going to have confusing moments, there are questions that require answering and decisions from the director that certainly were interesting to say the least. But this was no normal alien flick, it didn't have the standard explosions or disposable characters, the tone was evident throughout, trying to get across a story in it's own way.

Weird but definitely interesting, this requires the viewer to open their mind and let the film in. Think about it, think about it some more, it is easy to see this was being told through the visual medium rather than relying on the dialog to tell the story.


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