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As weird as ever, Nic Cage continues on this train of strange choices, but for him it works. Amassing a cult following, this man takes on the weird and makes them almost wonderful.

Written by Elliot Lines

You cannot escape the weirdness of this film. At the end of the day it is about demonic animatronics that require a sacrifice to keep quiet, something the local town knows of and abides by.

Step up Nicolas Cage. Taking on these animatronics one by one as they try to kill him. But when a bunch of kids try to step in to rescue him from the town nightmare, this is where things get awry. On his own he can clearly take on these demonic creatures, occasionally taking a break to have a grape soda and play some pinball, but these kids are in the way, another issue for him to contend with.

If you don't like violence this is not for you. The mute Nic Cage does not hold back on that. These creatures are are something from nightmares, they're not something you'd want to come into contact with, this is clear throughout. Ripping apart body parts, eating victims and killing these characters while they make love.

This film is exactly how it looks from the trailers, a straight edged weird experience. But there is something about Nic Cage that turns these ridiculous ideas into reality, something worth watching.


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