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One of my most anticipated films of last year, Brightburn passed me by due to the bad response, which it deserves. The concept of what happens if Superman didn't use his powers for good is such an intriguing idea, and Brightburn totally wasted the chance to give us that interesting take.

Written by Elliot Lines

A main problem was the movies total disregard for building up these characters, certainly something this needed, there is no care for them throughout and they just come and go off screen. Feel a little sorry for the actors in this, as they did an alright job with what they were given, but it certainly couldn't rescue the film.

You get a hint of the powers this boy possesses which I think would serve the story better than going full throttle. This does provide some very gruesome scenes which do not hold back, but the pacing of the story just brings the film down on so many levels. It manages to go the opposite of what were used to at the end, an ending that is surprising and could've been explored more if this had worked better.

A real disappointment for a film that had such an interesting and different idea, but Brightburn just fell flat, chugging along, not managing to bring any sort of personalities to these characters.


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