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Ford v Ferrari or Le Mans '66, call it what you will, but this is a film that wants to make this story about more than the cars themselves, to focus on the people behind the raw power shown on track.

Written by Elliot Lines

At a lengthy 152 mins, this film does take a little time to get into the thick of the action, but this does create time to get to know these characters, what they're about and their motives. Due to this length it is able to set up the story in a way that builds emotion throughout, which is able to suck you into this story-line.

Matt Damon and Christian Bale play the main two characters on screen, roles in which they really excel. At first it is a little difficult to get used to Bale's thick English accent, but once you get past that you really see how these two are bouncing off each other to really add a depth of emotion to this film.

Although this wants to be more about the men, you cannot ignore the motorcars. Watching this in IMAX meant that you could feel every single rev, every corner, the racing scenes are perfect. The sound makes it so the power of these cars resonates right though you, while taking nothing away from the story this is trying to tell.

A thrilling ride throughout, edge of your seat stuff, powered not only by the V8 engines of the Ford GT-40 but a depth of emotion that echoes right through this whole film.

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