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Written by Alex Gilston / September 3, 2022

Jennifer Walters is tasked with helping to get Emil Blonsky out of prison, whilst still trying to traverse life with her new powers, in episode three of She-Hulk.

All was well towards the end of last week's episode. Jennifer had gotten a blessing from Bruce to represent Abomination and her new job was well underway. That was until footage was released of Blonsky outside of prison with Sorcerer Supreme, Wong. So She has to try and find a way to rope Wong into testifying in favour of Blonsky to help his case. The episode starts with an offhand joke about cameos and it’s nice to see that She-Hulk is sufficiently self aware and is happy to make fun of itself and the Marvel Cinematic Universe as well. It’s always a delight to see Wong pop up, sort of acting as the Nick Fury of the new Saga. Getting some answers from Shang-Chi was also very satisfying. Tim Roth is still rocking it as Emil Blonsky, and it’s easy to dream of where he might pop up after his stint in She-Hulk.

The best part of episode three, however, came with the side story with one of Jennifer’s ex colleagues getting cat fished by a shapeshifting Asgardian Elf. Her appearance could have marked a cameo from any past character people might recognise from the MCU. But actually we were gifted with an appearance from none other than American Rapper Megan Thee Stallion. Her role offers another nice reminder that the MCU is still slightly connected to the real world. Through her being in the episode we get an incredible post credits sting that’s worth sticking around for.

It’s not fully clear where She-Hulk will go from here but Jennifer Walters is quite quickly becoming our favourite super powered lawyer (Sorry Matt Murdock!).


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