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Written by Alex Gilston / August 27, 2022

The repercussions of Jennifer Walters’ new powers start to flood in on the second episode of She-Hulk.

After her scuffle with Titania at the end of episode one, the world now knows that Jennifer Walters has Hulk-like powers. After being fired from the DA’s office, and skulking about for a bit, she gets offered a new job at a rival agency in a brand new division specifically for super-powered clients. Walters takes the job with the main condition being that she has to practice as She-Hulk. It’s interesting to see how Jennifer is treated with her newfound superpowers. As the world in the MCU already has a preconceived notion of what comes along with a Hulk, her being ostracised from her job makes perfect sense. In this sequence we also get some more humour injected in the form of Jennifer contemplating if the Avengers are entitled to dental and pensions. There’s even a few Easter eggs including a nod to the Eternals and even something that could be huge moving forward in the MCU.

She-Hulk’s first assignment is to represent none other than Emil Blonsky, otherwise known as Abomination. This sees the return of Tim Roth to the Marvel Cinematic Universe and he is in fine form as a changed person embracing zen as opposed to all out destruction. The framing of the conflict of interest for Jennifer is cleverly woven in and we’re treated to another small appearance from Bruce Banner in which we get a funny conversation between the two about how things have changed.

Although She-Hulk is markedly shorter than the other MCU shows so far it still feels as though it’s making its impact. As episode two ends on yet another cliffhanger the promise of the appearance of a certain sorcerer supreme will be entirely welcome.

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