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Written by Atlanta Kroehn

“I tasted death” claims Louise Belcher, the youngest and bravest of the burger ‘dynasty’ children, after something that was supposed to be a dare that went terribly wrong. That's not the only thing that doesn't go to plan in Loren Bouchard’s and Bernard Derriman’s animated murder mystery, comedy musical, fun ride adventure, family drama about a small burger restaurant.

In Boucard’s original pitch of the TV show Bob’s Burgers which aired the first time in 2011 and already covers 12 seasons, the family were supposed to be cannibal’s, as the director reveal to the Hollywood Report in 2016. While however this extreme idea was not pursued, the humour and tone of the sitcom stayed very dark. We get a glimpse of fast paced jokes in the movie, yet the animated adventure becomes way more family friendly for the big screen.

Running a diner is not easy and so the Belcher family struggles every day, just as fans might know from the TV show. The familiar, loved and recurring main side characters appear in a fun, deep and reflective manner as usual. But the difficulties that the family has to overcome this time in the movie are unparalleled.

Bob and his wife Linda are a power couple. As entrepreneurs and parents of three (let’s say headstrong) children they have to deal with a lot at the same time, and both them handle it very different. Bob often shows his emotional and slightly depressed side but at all times care for his family – and his passion for burgers. Linda on the other hand always stays optimistic and risk-seeking proclaiming at the beginning of the movie a sunny-side up summer for the entire family.

“Throw my hopes into the ocean, sorry if a fish is joking”, Tina will come to an exalted realisation about the meaning of life and love, whereas we will benefit from her well-know erotic fiction writing skills. Gene invents a new musical instrument that is absolutely fabulous but also might make your teeth hurt. And Louise the true star of movie will stay fearless, while we finally get to know the back story of her pink bunny head.

The Bob's Burgers Movie entertains with fun and thrill even if you have not seen the TV show before. Some aspects about the burger business even make it a study about capitalism and entrepreneurship when one observes the discussions with the landlord, the bank and the regulatory authority more closely. How some scenes are presented remind of classic genre shots and can be interpreted as a satiric comment, “This is how law and order should start…every time.”. And the finale rounds up the manifold story with a great song, a sophisticated villain and a heart-melting family moment.



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