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With a Hunger Games type hierarchy, and almost look, Snowpiercer is set on a non-stop train following the uprising of the poor to take down the establishment they have had to adhere to due to a solution to global warming gone wrong.

Written by Elliot Lines

From a director familiar to most now, Bong Joon Ho always manages to capture the message he is trying to get across. In this case, much like Parasite, this is filled with social commentary. The train is a metaphor to the point of this film, it is a showing of society and how the small percentage of the world controls the rest.

Many of the bad reviews regarding this film suggest it is bad because of the plot holes, and sure there are plenty of them but come on, what sci-fi doesn't have plot holes, look at a classic like Back to the Future, point made. Ignoring the plot holes will heighten your experience watching this film and you will actually see what this film is trying to convey.

The story overall is just fine, it works enough to get by. Prepare to be shocked in certain moments, parts you do question why they're in the film but do accompany the story. You are also given plenty of action scenes, that in turn are very violent and really keep the pace of the film going.

For a film moving through a single entity, moving from cart to cart, it is visually stunning. Moving from cart to cart you really start seeing the levels of class this is trying to portray and captures what Bong Jong Ho is trying to tell within this story.

Ignore the plot holes and look deeper within. Bong Joon Ho really dives into the depths of society and gets his point across successfully within this Hunger Games style dystopian future.


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