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Written by Alex Gilston / October 8, 2022

Jennifer Walters is asked to represent Leap Frog after the jet boots on his custom made costume malfunction. Walters faces another conflict of interest when the defendant is Luke Jacobson, the person who makes her She-Hulk clothes.

She-Hulk is back in court this week taking on another superhero related case, and her rival attorney this week is none other than Matt Murdock. The much anticipated return has finally occurred and for all intents and purposes it’s a seamless integration. Jennifer and Matt’s back and forth in court is played out brilliantly by both Tatiana Maslany and Charlie Cox. The two have an instant chemistry which bears fruit later on in the episode.

This week's episode has more action than previous episodes, as She-Hulk takes on Daredevil before they decide to team up to save Luke after he was kidnapped. There is certainly a marked difference in the way he moves compared to in his Netflix show but that isn’t a bad thing. The Netflix show was meant to be grounded and gritty but this side of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is a completely different kettle of fish.

A bit of levity surrounding Daredevil isn’t the world ending concept that a lot of fans of the Netflix show would have you believe. He keeps up with Jennifer through witty comments but his serious side is still visible. That being said he owns one of the funniest scenes of this week's episode as we get to see him partake in the walk of shame in his Daredevil suit.

Just when you think the episode is over we get a whole final set piece setting up the season finale. For those worried that Jennifer might have got a handle on her raging Hulk persona needn’t worry as the end of this episode sees her going full hulk mode. With one more instalment to go and a few loose ends to tie up the series finale is going to be a good one.


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