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Written by Alex Gilston / October 16, 2022

Jennifer’s life is falling apart. She’s no longer allowed to turn into the She-Hulk and has been fired from her job at GLK. It’s down to her lawyer friends Nikki and Pug to try and get to the bottom of who is responsible for exposing Jennifer, and causing her hulk fueled outburst.

If you have been watching all of the Marvel Cinematic Universe TV shows, you’ll have probably been afraid that the She-Hulk finale might fall prey to convention. Thankfully that isn’t the case and we get a mind-melding, meta treat for the senses that no one will have seen coming. Jennifer finds herself at Emil Blonsky’s wellness retreat again to get away from everything. Coincidentally this is where an event for the group Intelligencia, who exposed her in the last episode, is taking place. Jennifer walks in on the group and all the major players in the series start to return. Abomination, Titania, and even Bruce Banner himself. This causes Jennifer to wonder if what’s going on is messy and doesn’t fit the overall narrative of the show. Cue the biggest 4th wall break of the season and a hilarious sequence on the Disney lot and in the Marvel Studios offices. This of course could have been even messier but it ends up being cleverly done. Not only does it have a juicy amount of Easter eggs, but it really drives home the series’ overarching theme of Jennifer having control of her own story.

Tatiana Maslany gives us one final acting masterclass. Her back and forth with a certain studio head is brilliantly played out by her. Jennifer Walters is most probably one of the best additions to the MCU in phase 4. Josh Segarra gets his dues in this episode too as Pug. He has a funny role to play trying to fit in with the incel men of Intelligencia.

She-Hulk has been a mix of ups and downs. As it doesn’t really follow the playbook of the other shows embracing a more serialised, one and done episode style. Due to this people have struggled to connect to it, but in reality this has been the show’s biggest strength. It’s fresh and different and it’s nice not to have to worry about a world-ending plot every time. No matter what happens it’s going to be great to see Jennifer Walters pop up again somewhere else in the MCU, possibly in another Hill related story.


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