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Jordan Peele's second feature film, highly anticipated horror, Us. With the success he had with Get Out, Peele has created a massive following, along with a reputation that he now has to live up to, hopefully gracing our screens with more unique and creative ideas.

Written by Elliot Lines

Complex is the first word that comes to mind when describing this film, a film that makes you think is always a film that will either make you fall in love or totally put you off a film, 'Us' certainly gets you thinking. This is a thought provoking and such a clever piece of film-making. This type film gets people talking, about their ideas, theories and flaws within the film. The more you think about this film deeply, the more it grows on you, such a hard feat to accomplish in film-making. Yes, there are plot holes, and yes there are many unanswered questions, but that doesn't take too much away from the experience.

We've come to expect superb cinematography from Peele's work, even only after one film, this did not fail to deliver on this front again. With superb shots throughout, every scene was clear as day, there was not part in which you had to try and focus harder on what was going on, and a lot goes on throughout this film.

On a more disappointing note (trying not to spoil anything), there is a predictable twist. Along with the plot holes that this film had, this was not a shock to me when it happened and it was something you can see from a mile off. Getting us through this was a very well written script, this with the added inclusion of many humorous moments mostly from the father Gabe Wilson (Winston Duke), these worked perfectly with the storyline and added that extra depth to the script.

Lupita Nyong'o, where has she been, living up to that Oscar win for '12 Years a Slave', she was absolutely outstanding and stole the show. Playing both the parent and the "doppelgänger" version, she set the scene perfectly from the start and that level of quality didn't deteriorate. The rest of the cast was adequate, but she performed out her skin.

One personal favourite part of this film was the score. This created suspense throughout the film, added so much depth to every scene. There are moments when it even adds a light hearted approach to the killing scenes.

Such a complex and though provoking film, which gives you plenty to digest. There were some plot holes and a pretty predictable twist, but other than that a expertly made film that had a brilliant cast and a superb score to go along with it.


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