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From the director that bought us; 'Forest Gump', 'Back to the Future', 'Castaway', and a few other well know movies. Robert Zemeckis brings forward a WW2 tale in, 'Allied'. This movie stars Brad Pitt as 'Max Vatan' and Marion Cotillard as 'Marion Beauséjour', and follows how their lives pan out over this wartime period.

Written by Elliot Lines

This movie starts slowly but this gives you time to get to know Max and Marian and the situation they find themselves in. Around 40 minutes in this film explodes into a well choreographed and entertaining action sequence that really brings the film to life. The second act is a lot about how the two characters are adjusting to life back home during the war, this part hasn't got a great script but it works, and it's a very different story line to the normal wartime film we're used to.

Come to expect it but the performances from these two actors in the last act is class, especially Cotillard, she keeps you guessing at what the outcome of this movie is going to be, and the way in which she portrays this character is stunning. Then there is Pitt who is desperate to find the truth about a situation he has been made aware of, his character changes how he behaves and you really get that coming through in Pitts performance. You're waiting for a big plot twist to happen, an outcome that does not disappoint.

Emotion is felt throughout the film, and it is really put across well by the acting performances. There is a strong feeling of family and love within hard times of life during the war, learning to adjust to situations that the stumble across. There is a big emphasis on lies and deceit, shown through the way the characters change gradually. Discovery of the truth plays a huge part, these scenes are so intense and so well put together making you feel every emotion these characters are going through.

There are a few large scale events throughout this film that use a tremendous amount of CGI, when in fact it wasn't really needed. Nothing was added by using these techniques, which at times felt they didn't belong with the tone of the rest of the film, but just used for the sake of it.

Allied is a great piece of film making, astutely put together to tell a story that has so much depth and intrigue. Packed with great lines, delivered in performances by two fantastic actors, Cotillard being the standout of the two.


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