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A storm is descending upon London, with what could potentially be one of the most immersive experiences to date. Set in well known psychiatric hospital, Department Studios and Myriad Entertainment brings you face to face with the heroes and villains of Gotham.

We had to pleasure to attend a panel of some of the driving forces behind this new experience and they couldn't of made it sound more exciting. Where they couldn't exactly give many details on the story or characters themselves this is certainly an event you don't want to miss.

Coming to London in Autumn 2022, Arkham Asylum sounds like an immersive experience like no other. The "show" will have an main story, but what is different here is there will be different subplots for you to explore. It will feel like you are living in Arkham for real, giving you the ability to interact with your favourite characters really giving this a personal experience to everyone who attends.

It will incorporate an original Batman storyline that is inspired by { }, bringing all new original costumes throughout the cast, but not straying away from the characters that you love. Now you may think that you won't get much of a chance to speak to the characters, but it feels like this is something that the runners of Arkham Asylum have really thought about, making sure the ratio of audience to characters in balanced.

For any Batman fan I feel like this is going to be a MUST attend event, there doesn't sound like there is any experience like it. With innovative new technology being used and a chance to get face to face with the likes of The Riddler or Harley Quinn, you surely can't be missing it.

Pre-sale tickets go on sale Thursday 28th October, and you can sign up here

General Tickets go on sale Friday 29th October


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