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With the topics touched on here affecting so many, the Russo brother were able to find that fine line to express these problems showing the full affect what PTSD and addiction can play on a persons life, those around them and how they sometimes go hand in hand.

Written by Elliot Lines

Cherry (Tom Holland) is the main focus, a series of events in his life make him decide to join the Army, becoming a medic, true to his kind nature. After leaving the Army he suffers from post traumatic stress disorder, causing his life to spiral downwards, He turns to drugs, gets into debt and becomes a serial bank robber to pay his debts and fuel his addiction.

The Russo brothers have payed close attention to the way in which they have told this story. Seamlessly moving through this young mans life, you get a real sense of the trauma and hardship he is going through. The reasons put forward for his actions are clear, creating sympathy for the character, except when he is dragging others in his affairs. There is a sense that you're in his world, small little details, like the names of the banks, are you seeing the world that Cherry is witnessing before him. It's a frosted world, there is so many problems, which only keep building on top of each other.

Tom Holland and Ciara Bravo who play an on screen couple have great chemistry, building off each other within every scene. Their love seems genuine, but their downward trend is heart breaking. Holland is a huge star already but here he shows his range, that he can play more than just a web swinging teenager, which should make everyone excited with what's to come.

This is a tough viewing experience, not because of the film itself but the harrowing subjects it tackles. They're problems people cannot escape from, and just let it be known this isn't always the outcome, but these issues are real for many.


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