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Coming 2 America is essentially the same movie as the original but isn't half as funny and feels completely dated. The comedy that this sequel implements feels awkward and there weren't many laugh out loud moments. It could be fair to say that it suffers from the common trope of 'sequel-syndrome' and it was always going to be difficult to top the original movie. However, there could definitely have been a better attempt to create a more original and humorous movie.

Written by Joe Brown

The movie picks up decades later from the first film and Prince Akeem (Eddie Murphy) is married, he has daughters and is waiting to become King of Zamunda. However, we find out that he has a son back in the United Staes, so Akeem and Semmi (Arsenio Hall) go to America and bring his son, Lavelle Junson (Jermaine Fowler) to Zamunda to be the heir to throne. When Junson arrives, there is a cultural shock as he must adjust to life in Zamunda and get ready for an arranged marriage set up by his father.

Without a doubt the best part of this movie was Wesley Snipes. He plays General Izzi, a man looking to gain power by marrying his daughter in to the royal family of Zamunda. He does a great job of playing a slimy dictator and much of the humour that was funny came from his character. Also, the relationship and chemistry from Murphy and Hall was still there, giving a positive and nostalgic feeling. It was also great to see many of the original characters and the actors playing these characters, returning for the sequel. It can be annoying when there is a sequel and some actors don't return but the character must remain, thus seeing the original actors was great.

Unfortunately these were the only positives. The comedy felt really lazy and told in a way that was completely archaic. The screenplay felt like it came from a point of view that the audience has a lack of intelligence by having the humour so on the nose. You find yourself not laughing at each joke but being conscientiously aware that it is there and why it was put there, which does not make for a humorous experience. There are also so many references to the original movie and taking jokes that were funny from that film and trying to implement it into this one. Which made the movie have no real identity and it seemed to be trying to ride on the back of the success of the first film. Also, the plot is so formulaic and predictable, where you find yourself predicting pretty everything that happens within the 110 minute run time.

It was good to see the world of Zamunda again and to see some of the characters from a fantastic original movie. However, this film does not even compare to its predecessor and is a movie that will not have anywhere near the longevity that Coming to America has had.


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