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12 | 2h 3min | Adventure, Crime, Drama | 23 September 2020 (UK)

Sherlock, a household name across the world. Could this be yet another spinoff, or expand into something more.

Enola Holmes, the younger sister of the famous Sherlock wakes to find her mother (Helena Bonham Carter) has disappeared only leaving behind a trail of clues for Enola to follow. Up to this point she had lived a different lifestyle, but she suddenyl finds her self under the watchful eye of her brothers Sherlock (Henry Cavill) and Mycroft (Sam Clafflin), both of which want to send her to school. Refusing their wishes, Enola escapes to find her mother only to become entangled in the mysterious and dangerous story of a young lord, all while outwitting her brother.

Strangers Things actress Millie Bobby Brown take on the role of Enola, if you already knew she was a star, this emphasises that. She is the whole focus of the film, the driving force in fact, it is clear to see Brown is having fun with the role and her performance really is the glue holding the whole film together. Brown manages to create this loveable and clever character over the duration through a combination of emotion and personal 4th wall breaks, pulling the viewer into the film.

Using this technique is a way in which the character can become connected to the audience. Throughout they are used to explain the thought processes and emotional reasons for decisions Enola is making. At times it does feel like they were overused, and unnecessary but this all added to the fun mischievous nature of this story.

Being able to bounce of a fantastic supporting cast kept the drive of the film focussed. The talent MBB had around her was awesome, each playing their individual roles to a high standard. Sherlock and Enola's chemistry was evident to see from the moment they both hit the screen, the emotional family connection was still there after all those years and a world with Henry Cavill as Sherlock...yes please.

This story line did at times feel as though it wasn't quite sure what it was attempting to do. First a missing persons case, then a mystery surrounding young Lord Tewkesbury, only to fall back to the missing person. Now this may be intentional, where you now have a foundation for this to maybe become something more. Finding the characters, building them up, could this be the start of the Enola Holmes Adventures? We shall see.

Rather than copy what others have done with the Sherlock characters, Enola Holmes feels like a refreshing instalment which has the potential to be so much more. And with Millie Bobby Brown at the helm, why the hell not explore this further.

By Elliot Lines - Lead Editor


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