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Going back to a more serious role after the funnier side of Thor, Chris Hemsworth stars in this new action pack Netflix release. From first time director Sam Hargrave, who happens to be a stunt co-coordinator, something that shows throughout this film.

Written by Elliot Lines

During its duration, "Extraction" jumps from action scene to action scene with no real let up. It's evident that Hargrave knows what he's looking for when peering through the camera at these scenes, the close combat scenes are exceptionally choreographed. There are so many action films where the combat gets messy, this gave you the opposite, a clear view of each blow dealt.

One scene that almost comes out of nowhere is this one shot action scene. Around 12 minutes long this scene manages to hide a few Easter eggs within the scene to tell you whats coming next, a very well shot and executed moment in the film.

There's not too much to the story, its simple but roles with what it has. Having the underlying protagonist adds to the depth to this story line, and brings a bit more intrigue. Both working towards the same goal, just for different reasons. Unfortunately, due to the simple nature of this story it does get all too familiar within the last act, nothing really new happening, just some elevated action sequences.

After the lighter version of Thor he has recently played, Hemsworth takes on this grittier darker role once again and he manages to pull this off. Rudhraksh Jaiswal plays the kid that is the main focus, and unlike other films of its kind he is great in this situation. Most of the time these characters make stupid decisions that lead the story on a different path, but this character is never unrealistic.

Full of explosive action scenes, and it is full of them, "Extraction" is an entertaining brutal viewing experience. The camera work is impressive that comes straight from the vision of a stunt co-coordinator, and this shines through.

What is the death count of this film I wonder?

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